Welcome to Defensive Response Training

Defensive Response Training (DRT) is dedicated to helping people become skilled and confident in exercising their fundamental right to protect themselves and their loved ones.

A violent criminal attack is serious business and requires serious reflection.  Under what circumstances do your personal values dictate defense over submission?  The time to resolve this question is not when you’re being attacked.  Making the decision when you're calm and safe will allow you to focus on the fight at hand during an attack.

Once that part is settled, self defense training is fulfilling, challenging, confidence building and can be a lot of fun. You’ll be more knowledgable, improve your fitness, and build lasting relationships with some of the best teachers, coaches and all around people in the world.  The kind of people that don’t stand by and watch helplessly but instead get involved and make a difference.


Please note, the location for ECQC June 8 & 9 has changed to Windsor, CO.  The registration flyer has been updated with this information.  There will be a $10/day range fee, payable to the landowner.  We aplogize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Unfortunately, the change from Elizabeth was out of our control.


Steve Materkowski- drt.instructor@yahoo.com

Mike Erickson- drt.mike@yahoo.com


Private Training Available

We are currently staying very busy with a mix of private groups and open enrollment classes.  If you have a group interested in training with us let us know and we will work with you on a curriculum specific to your needs.